plugs3 Based on the comedic ‘Rule of Threes’ here are three activities for the month of March that can tide you over between Big Blue Door events!

Our roommate and landlord, The Gorilla Theater, is staging another of their ‘Young Adult Gang’ shows Frankenstein. It’s their own stage adaptation of the Mary Shelley horror classic. Shows are Friday, Saturday & Sunday last weekend and this weekend only. Contact Gorilla Theatre by email or phone for tickets.


March also means Virginia Festival of the Book. It runs March 19th to March 23rd. March 20th is also our Big Blue Door Jam so alas none of you will be able to attend VFOB events on that night, but there are other nights and daytime events too!


One especially intriguing event in the VFOB this year is toward the end of the festival. It’s something called the Moseley Writers First Page Critique. What the heck is that? We’re not sure, but here’s their press release:


CHARLOTTESVILLE – The Charlottesville-based Moseley Writers will present Off to a Good Start: How to Hook an Editor on the First Page as part of the Virginia Festival of the Book. This encore panel will be held on Saturday, March 22, 2014, at 2 p.m., in Ballroom A at the Omni Charlottesville hotel.

Submit the first page of a manuscript for a speed critique by the Moseley Writers. The first page must be original, unpublished and no longer than 100 words. Nonfiction, horror and erotica will not be considered. The text can be e-mailed to by Friday, March 12, 2013. Entries will also be accepted at the door for critique but the probability of being critiqued is higher using the Gmail account.

The Moseley Writers will read (as many as time permits) anonymous first pages aloud and discuss what is working and how what isn’t working can be improved.

We don’t know anything about this process, if it’s helpful or effective, but it seems interesting, and one of the Moseley Writers is Deborah Prum who is one of our longtime improvisers, so we vouch for her! So why not send them the first page of your long-unfinished novel!

We can’t find any cool graphics for the Moseley Writers, but according to my brief google searching there was a famous Henry Moseley, a British physicist, who was not a writer, but he contributed a lot to developing the periodic table, so here’s a picture of the periodic table:


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