February Wrap

feb wrap Thanks to everyone for a great February at Big Blue Door!

The biggest new thing that happened in February was having Big Blue Door Jam storytellers featured in the Valentine’s Issue of the C-ville. (Go ahead and click. You can still read it online.) Congrats to Jammers Ray Nedzel, Elizabeth Derby, Graelyn Brashear, Kelly Kroese, Jenny Mead, Yousaf Sajid, and Miller Murray Susen for the wonderful stories, and kudos to former Jammer Martyn Kyle for the amazing photos as well!

The C-ville partnered with us on our February Big Blue Door Jam featuring true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ at the Woolly MammothLauren Ballback, and veterans Clare Terni, Miller Murray SusenJamie Dyer, Debra Weiss, Tom Clay, and Elizabeth Derby presented a terrific array of stories with Elizabeth bringing home the coveted Jam.

In addition to continuing the Improv 1, Improv 2, and Telling True Stories classes that started in January, we also announced Spring Classes! We’ll be offering our Sketch Writing Workshop, and first ever Improv 3, plus Improv I, & Improv 2 through Live Arts. (Thanks to Bree Luck and Live Arts for being so supportive and amazing!) Improv 3 means we expect to have our first regular runs of performing teams by June!

WTJU featured recordings of Big Blue Door storytellers Kelly Kroese and Chris Estey on Monday editions of Soundboard (9-10 am 91.1 FM).

Thanks to everyone who has taken a class, come to a show, shared a story, worked the box office, offered us a venue, told a friend about us, or read about what we’re doing! If you haven’t gotten involved yet, Follow us here, like us on Facebook, come to a show, or take a class!

March will include new classes, two new show formats, plus our Big Blue Door Jam. More info soon!

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