february February might be the shortest month of the year, but here at Big Blue Door we’re packing in a big, honkin’, industrial-sized month of activity into those 28 little days! It’s like factory farming but not cruel, disgusting, or unhealthy!

On Thursday, Feb 20th we’ve got our Big Blue Door Jam with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love.’ (Woolly Mammoth, 8 pm $5) But it’s not just a regular Door Jam. Oh no. We’re partnering with the Cville Weekly for an all-out love triangle:

Cville + Us + You!

Cville will present a special issue featuring true love stories by some of Big Blue Door’s wonderful storytellers!

In February also means that Big Blue Door will be announcing dates and times for upcoming classes: Sketch Writing Workshop, another Improv I, & Improv III, plus possibly even (by popular demand!) another Improv II. Stay tuned for that.

But that’s still not all. February also brings the announcement of our first Door II Door. Door II Door takes the a lineup of Door Slam veterans to a non-Charlottesville location to perform some of their Jam-winning stories. It’s a chance for folks outside of town to hear a collection of great storytellers and a chance for our storytellers to experience retelling stories. Dates and places coming soon.

Speaking of stories… WTJU will be featuring more recordings of our storytellers on Monday editions of Soundboard (9-10 am 91.1 FM), but not this week because this week is their annual Folk Marathon. (We’ll plug that tomorrow!)





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