Tell a Story at an Upcoming Jam

doors We’re looking for storytellers for our upcoming Big Blue Door Jams!

Thurs., Feb. 20th “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Ah… love! Sometimes it’s little, sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes it’s surprisingly sane. Love is a many splendored thing, or not so splendored…

feb jam

Thurs., March 20th  “Big Show”

Putting on an act or actually acting. Entertaining the world or misleading yourself…


Thurs., April 17th “Obsession”

Habits, compulsions, infatuations, addictions, interests…


To tell a story at a Big Blue Door Jam, email us at with:

  • (1) the show you’re interested in
  • (2) your name and phone number
  • (3) a 1-3 sentence summary of your story
  • (4) a 1-3 sentence bio

We’ll also need some sort of photo. We can usually just take your facebook photos, if you do facebook.

We recommend you check out our guidelines here and this post with some general tips on storytelling. Please, no rants, philosophical manifestos, or stand-up routines; we want 6-8 minute true personal stories!

2 thoughts on “Tell a Story at an Upcoming Jam

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