Wasting Your Life?

Life Do something about it. TELL YOUR STORY!

Mistakes, successes, oddities, ordinariness, regrets, joys… How is the world going to know your story if you don’t learn to tell it?

Telling True Stories is a six-session course designed to help you find and tell your own stories. The early sessions use exercises, homework and class discussion to help you get comfortable talking in front of others while developing a body of story material. Then over the last two sessions you’ll choose one story to polish, memorize, and perform for the class show. We’ll also delve into privacy issues, memorization techniques, and using a microphone.

Our next course starts this Sunday, January 26, sponsored by Live Arts!

To register or for more info go to the Live Arts website here (Page takes a moment to download) or email bree@livearts.org.


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