Plug: 24/7

24-7-2013Every year at this time Whole Theatre and Live Arts put together a fun, fast theater event called 24/7. Playwrights are assigned topics on Friday night. Saturday morning they turn in short scripts. Then the plays are assigned directors and cast by pulling names from a hat. They rehearse all day and open that night. It’s a blast to do and see.

This year features three of our Big Blue Door regular storytellers writing (Elizabeth Derby, Jenny Mead, and Sean McCord), one of our storytelling regulars directing (Miller Murray Susen), plus Shawn Hirabayashi directing (He was in our Sketch Show last year) plus this month’s Door Slam runner-up Chris Estey, plus storytelling regular Rose Harper, plus improvisers from last year, Martyn Kyle and Mendy St. Ours, all overseen by the talented storyteller, improviser, & Open Door host, Ray Nedzel!

Check it out!

Ray Nedzel

This is Ray looking serious.

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