Thanks Schemes & Dreams!

ponzi Thanks everyone for a fantastic Big Blue Door Slam last night! We had a HUGE crowd packed into the Woolly Mammoth as brought back our highest vote-getting storytellers from the fall Jams to tell true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Schemes and Dreams!’

Miller Murray Susen, Graelyn Brashear, Yousaf Sajid, Anna Jones, Claire Terni and Chris Estey brought an incredible array of amazing stories from the poignant to the hilarious covering beauty, death, marriage, obsession, breakdown, and sports!

Congrats Yousaf for winning his second Big Blue Door Slam trophy, and congrats to Chris for taking up the consolation peanut butter!


Thanks to the lovely old-time music by Joe, John and Stephanie of Green Willis!

Thanks to Lewis Reining on sound, Tyler at the door (Ably assisted by Brian & Nauder!), thanks especially to the Anna, Matteus and the wonderful folks at Woolly Mammoth!

Pictures by April Muniz coming soon!

  • Our next Telling True Stories class is starting Sunday, Jan 26th.
  • Our next Big Blue Door Jam is Thursday, Feb 20th in which we’ll be partnering with the Cville Weekly for a special issue to go along with our live Jam. We’re still looking for storytellers!
  • Coming in March: Improv Showcase, a True Stories road show called Big Blue Door 2 Door, plus we’re teaching a Sketch Workshop! More on these next month!

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