Big Blue Door Slam

SLAM 3 Announcing the invitees to our Jan 16th, Big Blue Door Slam!

Our twice-yearly Big Blue Door Slams invite top vote-getters and runners-up from our monthly Big Blue Door Jams to compete for the title of Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer!

The theme of January’s Slam will be “Schemes and Dreams!”

These are our four Door Jam winners:

September’s Claire Terni for “Sex”
October’s Matteus Frankovitch for “Hauntings”
November’s Yousaf Sajid for “Working Hard, Hardly Working”
December’s Chris Estey for “The Kids Are Alright”

Plus the top vote-getters from our fall shows:

Graelyn Brashear
Miller Murray Susen
Browning Porter
Anna Jones

It’s going to be great stories from great storytellers!

Big Blue Door Slam
Thursday, Jan 16th 8 pm
At the Woolly Mammoth!

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