Thanks The Kids Are Alright!

1532115_10103365628435519_1965491181_n Thanks everyone for a fantastic Big Blue Door Jam last night at the Woolly Mammoth! It was a night of true holiday cheer, featuring true stories inspired by the theme of ‘The Kids Are Alright!’.

Graelyn Brashear started us off with her tale of babysitting very rich twins with a troubling secret.

Aaron Gilley shared the story being babysat by Cheyenne, and adventures such as the smurf pool in the snake-infested river.

Elizabeth Derby described the tragicomedy of being the tall girl at her first middle school dance.

Michael Cole revealed the Oktoberfest of Oktoberfests with his Father-in-law that led to the Red Cross tent.

Maggie Thornton shared the account of her deviated septum deviating in front of her high school students. Twice.

Chris Estey presented a personal sports saga that defied all cliches and expectations.

Miller Murray Susen finished the evening with an intergenerational family fable of the need to confess and the need to be punished.

Congratulations to all our storytellers for great stories and to Chris Estey for bringing home the coveted Jam jam!

Thanks to Lewis Reining on sound, and Seth for all his help and advice! Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams, Team Judges, Team Claymates, and Team David & Melissa from Charlottesville’s Boys and Girls Club! Thanks also to Tyler Frankenberg, working the door and Jason Megill our official time keeper.

Thanks especially to the Woolly Mammoth where you can slate all your food, beverage, and motorcycle needs!

Meet us back at the Woolly Mammoth for our next Big Blue Door Slam on January 16th bringing back the winners and runners-up from our fall Jams! We’ll announce the line-up soon and post the December pictures.

Also check out upcoming January classes! And why not just click the ‘FOLLOW‘ button on the lower right of our home page and you’ll get an email update each time we post!


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