plugs Since we don’t have a show until Monday what will you do with your weekend?

Well, our roommate and landlord, The Gorilla Theater, is staging East of the Sun, West of the Moon. The show is adapted from Norwegian folklore and features an all-youth cast. We’re looking forward to seeing it. Plus it has a great poster!


Speaking of new and interesting projects, the UVA Department of Drama has a new play going up called The Swiss Swap by Mike Long and Amaree Cuff. We love to see productions of new plays, even if the posters aren’t as good as the Gorilla Theater poster:

M&M Flyer

Speaking of plugs, although we are modest and humble here at Big Blue Door, we can’t help but beat down our native modesty to mention that a month ago we got a nice write-up on a blog called Under the Thrill for our monthly Big Blue Door Jam!

Well, by the oddest coincidence we have another Door Jam coming up on December 19th! The theme is ‘The Kids Are Alright!’ Why not sign up to tell a story for it? Email with a 1-3 sentence summary of your story and a 1-3 sentence bio.



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