January Classes Coming Soon!


January is just around the corner, and that means winter classes with Big Blue Door! We still have a couple of dates to finalize before we open registration but we wanted everyone to have a chance to save space on their busy calendars!


Improv I: Character & Scene
Projected to run 1-3 pm
January 19 – March 9 (8 sessions)
At Live Arts

This is our amazing laughter-inducing, skill-developing, life-affirming introduction to longform improv! Learn how to draw inspiration from almost anything, how to play fearlessly with other smart people in focused abandon, and how to create rich, full characters in spontaneous, hilarious scenes.

telling true stories banner

Telling True Stories
Projected to run 3:30-6pm
January 26 – March 2 (6 sessions)
At Live Arts

Turn the personal experiences of your life into funny, moving, honest performances! In the first four sessions of class exercises and discussions you’ll develop material for about eight wonderful stories and begin to find your best performance style. In the last two sessions you’ll choose one story to revise, rehearse, and perform at the class show!

improv 2

Improv II: Cuts & Callbacks
Set to run 7pm-9pm
January 13 – March 3 (8 sessions)
At the Director’s Studio
Class Show on Monday March 17th

And you thought Improv I was fun?! Learn techniques such as cuts, tags, callbacks and second beats to explore characters in different times and places! Expand the range of your characters and hilarity of your scenework using physicality, actions, confessions and more!

Expect to be able to register for classes by the end of the day, Tuesday, December 3rd!

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