Thanks Working Hard, Hardly Working!

moto Our jobs may not always be great but at least we get some great stories from them!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic Big Blue Door Jam last night at the Woolly Mammoth hosted by guest-host Jude Silveira and produced by Jennifer Jones! It was a full-house, a great line-up, and one of our best collections of stories ever–true tales inspired by the theme of ‘Working Hard; Hardly Working!’

Newcomer Michael Hays led off with his hilariously gruesome account of the first non-gray cadaver he faced in medical school.

Kelly Kroese, another first-timer, described her epic choice between accepting a promotion at an appliance-repair company and performing in Nunsense.

Browning Porter shared his experiences dealing with the public while running a Writing Center.

Yousaf Sajid told us about the popular and timely screenplay he was writing about and during the President Sullivan firing.

After the break Laura Ingles shared the poignant and frustrating relationship she had with one very difficult kid at a work camp for troubled youth.

First-timer Jenny Mead revealed her first job in her long road into the entertaining industry, which consisted among other things of painting marble with wite-out for a shoe commercial.

Anna Jones finished the evening with her misadventures as a costume shop intern in a chaotic theater company.

It was another close competition but the Big Blue Door Jam jar of jam was brought home by Yousaf Sajid! Congratulations to Yousaf and all our wonderful storytellers!

Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams, Team Woolly Hunks, Team The Jurists, and Team Bring Back the Prism! Thanks also to Rosemarie Harper, our house manager, and Brian Weisbrod, our official time keeper. Thanks to Peter Jones for double-duty as part of Team Bring Back the Prism, and emergency stand-out sound person.

Thanks especially to the Woolly Mammoth where you can slate all your food, beverage, and motorcycle needs!

Pictures coming soon!

Meet us back at the Woolly Mammoth for our next Big Blue Door Jam on December 19th for true stories inspired by the theme of ‘The Kids Are All Right.’

But before then we have our next Improv Showcase is on Monday, December 9th at the Director’s Studio in McIntyre Plaza.

Check back here at in a week or so for info on those two shows, plus our upcoming January classes, OR just click the ‘FOLLOW‘ button on the lower right of our home page and you’ll get an email update each time we post!


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