The Story is in the Teller

shriek ben templesmith Ray Nedzel, veteran of our Big Blue Door Jams, host of our first Big Blue Open Door, and improviser extraordinaire sent us this article about storytelling. There’s some interesting links at the end too.

The writer (Refe Tuma) takes a kind of big picture view, that the interesting story is in the teller, which we’ve often found to be true, but what exactly makes a teller interesting? In our Telling True Stories class here are some of the telling-true-stories habits we encourage:

1. Good storytellers care. Be interested, be engaged, be moved by life.

2. Good storytellers tell their own stories. Your story is not the objective truth about your ex or your boss. Your story is what you saw, heard, felt, and especially did about, to or for your ex or your boss. Be the center of your story.

3. Good storytellers show need or weakness. Either in the beginning, middle or end of a good story, admit that you were vulnerable, weak, or ridiculous. Because you were.

Want to hear some good stories? Come check out our Big Blue Door Jam on Nov 21st!

Our next Telling True Stories class starts at Live Arts in January. For more information email or check back at this website in a week or two.

The painting is ‘Shriek’ by Ben Templesmith.

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