November Big Blue Door Jam

06Thursday, November 21st the Big Blue Door Jam comes to the Wooly Mammoth (Formerly the “Black Market Moto Saloon”) with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Working Hard, Hardly Working!’

Stories of jobs, careers, bosses, employees, and other forms of suffering. And work these days isn’t just the kind that pays (often too little) money. Hurdles must be jumped, noses must be stone-ground, and ladders must be climbed even to get to job!

Wooly Mammoth (Formerly Black Market Moto Saloon)
1304 East Market Street
Thursday, November 21
$5 at the door. Cash Only!


Hosted by special guest host Jude Silveira and produced by Joel and Jen Jones, the November Door Jam will feature a fearless slate of truth-tellers including Browning Porter, Laura Ingles, Anna Jones, Michael Hayes, Yousaf Sajid, Kelly Kroese, and Jenny Mead!

With panels of volunteer audience judges, and an official audience volunteer time-keeper, the Big Blue Door Jam presents reveals the strange, the hilarious, the terrible, and always the true!


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