nov 2013 November gives us so much to be thankful for at Big Blue Door!

We start out the month with three class shows:

  • An Improv Showcase on Monday, October 4th at The Director’s Studio on Allied St. It’s 8 pm. Free!
  • Another Improv Showcase on Tuesday, October 5th at Live Arts on Water St.! It’s 8 pm. Free!
  • That same night at 9 pm also at Live Arts, we have a Telling True Stories class show, featuring the graduates of the most recent Telling True Stories class! Also free!

Our November Big Blue Door Jam comes up on Thursday, November 21st at 8 pm featuring work-related stories and hosted by guest-host Jude Silveira! $5.

Plus we’ll announce our January classes, announce next year’s Big Blue Door Jam themes, and hopefully still have time to slather gravy on the mash potatoes and turkey!

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