October Wrap

oct wrap Thanks to everyone for making October a great month here at Big Blue Door!

We had our first ever Big Blue Open Door at Cville Coffee, featuring true-but-non-computer-related stories by uWeb and the Neon Guild! It was hosted and put together by Ray Nedzel along the lines of our Big Blue Door Jams. It was everything we hoped it would be with a warm house, great stories by mostly first-time performers, and a community having fun.

Speaking of our Jams, our October Big Blue Door Jam returned to what was once called Black Market Moto Saloon and is now renamed Wooly Mammoth. We heard true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Hauntings’ and told to us by Graelyn Brashear, Clare Terni, Mickey Kampsen, Andrea Rowland, and Rosemarie Harper, and Maggie Thornton. For the first time we opened the microphone to audience members who hadn’t signed up, and Aaron Cross and Matteus Frankovitch shared great stories! Pictures coming soon! If you’d like to tell a story for November’s Big Blue Door Jam featuring work-related stories email us at shows@bigbluedoor.org.

Speaking of stories, we had stories featured on Monday editions of Soundboard at WTJU by Jude Silveira, Rosemarie Harper, Miller Murray Susen, and Graelyn Brashear. You can listen to older editions of Soundboard or other WTJU programs at wtju.net.

We had four classes running in October. Live Arts sponsored two classes, Improv I (Our seventh improv class with Live Arts!) and Telling True Stories. Big Blue Door launched our first two Improv I classes all on our own, at the Director’s Studio. If you’re interested in upcoming classes email us at classes@bigbluedoor.org or click the ‘Follow” button on the lower right of homepage and you’ll get an email every time we add a post to this site.

We’ve got an even busier month of November ahead with our Big Blue Door Jam, two Improv Showcases, a Telling True Stories class show, plus a Sketch Workshop, and more!

Thanks to everyone who has taken a class, come to a show, shared a story, worked the box office, offered us a venue, told a friend about us, or read about what we’re doing! If you haven’t gotten involved yet, Follow us here, like us on Facebook, come to a show, take a class!

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