Thanks Hauntings!

998268_10151397119636572_424135883_n We had a great Big Blue Door Jam last night at the former Black Market Moto Saloon (Now called the Wooly Mammoth!) with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Haunting.’

It started a few weeks ago in chaos, frankly. We’d had two storytellers drop out earlier and two storytellers from September’s Jam stepped up to take their places. Then a few hours before the show two more storytellers took ill. Well, we’d always planned eventually to open 1-2 slots in each show for impromptu volunteers, so that’s what we did last night, and it was electrifying!

Our September jam jar victor, Claire Terni led us off with the tale of a relationship that ended in a Tarot card reading.

Mickey Kampsen shared the story of her mother’s harrowing decline.

Andrea Rowland revealed the monster who occupies her evenings.

Newcomer Maggie Thornton described how what she thought was a burglary of a rural house in West Virginia proved much more sinister.

After the break for refills and refreshments, we opened the microphone to our first audience volunteer, Aaron Cross, whose dreams of an ex uncannily meshed with reality.

Veteran Graelyn Brashear resumed our regular program with descriptions of the haunted bunk in her summer camp and what it left her with.

Rosemarie Harper told a story of Catholicism, virgin birth, and salvation from an investigative sister.

Finally, Moto Saloon owner Matteus Frankovich emerged from the kitchen to finish the night with a story of watching Poltergeist as a kid on a trip where he’d brought a ventriloquist dummy.

As the volunteer judging teams frantically debated we played an audience game that unearthed the ghost of the archaeologist who haunts the palace of Midas.

It was another very tight competition with Big Blue Door Jam jam ultimately going to Matteus!

Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams: Team Cucumber, Team Who Ya Gonna Call, and Team Soundboard!

Thanks to Lewis on the sound, our official volunteer timekeeper, Chris!

Thanks especially to the Black Market Moto Saloon/Wooly Mammoth where you can slate all your food, beverage, and motorcycle needs!

The next Big Blue Door Jam will be Thursday, November 21 with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Working Hard or Hardly Working,’ hosted by guest host Jude Silveira. Have a story for it? Check here! Can’t wait that long to hear true stories? We also have a Telling True Stories class graduate showcase on November 5 at Live Arts! For more on that check back at in a week or so!


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