Why Study Longform Improv?

improv yoda Why? Because longform improv is the coolest, most fun, and most amazing performance technique in the universe. Funny, creative, inspiring, and truthful! It gives you the tools to create characters and scenes with depth and flash.

Longform improv was developed by Del Close and Charna Halpern in Chicago in the 1980s from short form improv (theater games and exercises). Longform spread to New York in the 90s. The teaching techniques improved further in the 00s. Longform training came to Charlottesville in the summer of 2012 with the coming of Big Blue Door!

With longform you create a scene with another performer using radical agreement, a technique taught in the basic Improv I class. You’ll learn to embrace the ideas of others, add your own, and develop a universe from a couple of spoken lines. There are two other levels of training for those who get hooked, the Improv 2 focused on deepening and expanding scenework (Excellent for writers and actors), and Improv 3 focused on tying scenes together and working in a group, for those who wish to perform in a team. All the classes are great fun and they can draw out more wit, spontaneity and humor than you may have dreamed you have!

Our next Improv I classes start in January!

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