october13 October brings to Big Blue Door a harvest of activity bigger and more colorful than a giant leaf pile!

We kick off the month at 7:30 on Wednesday, Oct 2 at Cville Coffee with our first ever Big Blue Open Door. It’s kind of like our Big Blue Door Jams but a little more low key. Each Big Blue Open Door is centered around a local organization or mini-community telling true stories about something other than their organization or mini-community. This Open Door will feature stories by uWeb and the Neon Guild, that are NOT about computers! Hosted by Ray Nedzel! Not that the start time is 7:30 not our usual-Door-Jam-8.

Speaking of our Big Blue Door Jams, our October show is at 8 pm on October 17th at Black Market Moto Saloon featuring true stories inspired by the theme is “Hauntings.” We’re still looking for storytellers too. Email shows@bigbluedoor.org if you have a story you’d like to share!


We currently have a Improv I class running at The Director’s Studio and another Improv I and a Telling True Stories class sponsored by Live Arts, but that’s not enough!

We’re also very excited to announce a BRAND SPANKING NEW Improv I class running Sunday evenings 7-9 pm at The Director’s Studio, starting October 20th. Eight sessions plus a show for $125. You can sign up online at the link!

Don’t forget that you can retake classes with Big Blue Door for half price! Email classes@bigbluedoor.org!

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