September Wrap

sept wrap September saw the launch of Big Blue Door‘s second season with a fabulous selection of shows and classes!

Our September Big Blue Door Jam at The Southern Cafe & Music Hall featured true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Sex.’  Veteran Graelyn Brashear and Miller Murray Susen joined newcomers Laura Ingles, Peter Jones, Scott Middlesworth, Clare Terni, and Jona Noelle Baily for a great group of stories. We’ll have pictures soon.

Live Arts sponsored two classes that started in September, Improv I, our seventh improv class with Live Arts, and Telling True Stories, our first Telling True Stories class that they’ve sponsored. Also Big Blue Door ran its first Improv I class of its own, at the Director’s Studio. Check back here for more longform improv and other classes that we’ll be offering later in the fall!

Our website was more active after the month off with over 830 individual ‘visitors’ with over 2500 ‘views’. Speaking of internet stuff please go ‘like’ our facebook ‘page’ right now, if you haven’t already!

Thanks to everyone who was a part of Big Blue Door last season. We welcome you back and look forward to lots of new faces, stories, and more!

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