Thanks Sex!


Sketch by Frank Riccio

Terrific Big Blue Door Jam last Thursday night at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall, with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Sex’ put together by guest producer Sean McCord!

Thanks to The Southern for stepping in last minute to give us a place for the true stories and fun!

Newcomers joined veteran Graelyn Brashear and Miller Murray Susen joined newcomers Laura Ingles, Peter Jones, Scott Middlesworth, Clare Terni, and Jona Noelle Baily to bring us stories about picking up a prostitute accidentally, trying to sell condoms in the Soviet Union, learning about sex in elementary school, plant sex, naughty words, seeing coworkers doing it on a washing machine, and much, much more!

At the end of the night he coveted Big Blue Door Jam Jam was won by Clare Terni for her tale of hitting on a teaching in prep school, or trying to.

Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams of Team Monkey Punch, Team A Nathan of Fillions, and this month’s special guest volunteer judging team, Team Live Arts Playwrights Sex Lab!

Thanks as well to Lewis on the sound, Amy at the door, our official volunteer timekeeper, Kerry, and all the fabulous folks from The Southern including Collean, Andy, Melissa, & Emily!

Thursday, Oct 17th we’ll be back at Moto Saloon for true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Hauntings.’


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