Tell a Story at an Upcoming Jam

We’re looking for storytellers for our upcoming Big Blue Door Jams?

Thurs., Oct 17 @ Moto Saloon  “Hauntings”

It’s our annual true ‘ghost stories’ show, with stories inspired by the theme of ‘Hauntings.’ Do you have a story about death, ghosts, or weird stuff? Maybe a story of a different kind of haunting? A person, a mistake, a memory?


Thurs., Nov 21  “Working Hard or Hardly Working”

Stories about trying hard, being lazy, getting fired, screwing up, mean bosses, mean coworkers, moral hazards, and not-so-invisible hands!

working hard

To tell a story at a Big Blue Door Jam, email us at with (1) the show you’re interested in, (2) your name and phone number, (3) a 1-3 sentence summary of your story, and (4) a 1-3 sentence bio.

If you have a high-definition photograph attach that as well. We’re trying to get publicity from the local media and having bios and photographs early helps a lot.

We recommend you check out our guidelines here and this post with some general tips on storytelling. Please, no rants, philosophical manifestos, or stand-up routines; we want true personal stories!

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