Why Improv?

191625180_d2633e1ca6 Why do longform improv? What’s it for? And more to the point, why take a class in it? You can do short form improv without any training and short form is a lot of fun so why spend the time to learn longform?

Here are some reasons:

1. Longform improv is incredibly fun. Like playing music, when you invest a little time in learning to do something with other people in a skillful way it’s extremely rewarding and gratifying.

2. Longform improv lets you create characters and stories like plays or movies or tv shows that are instantaneous, rich, and new. Every week you’ll create scenes and watch your classmates create scenes that have never been seen before and will never be seen again. Scenes that feel true, clear, energetic, and very very funny.

3. Longform is a window into how most contemporary comedy works, from tv shows like Colbert Report to Parks and Recreation, to sketch comedy on the internet, even to classic comedy movies and shows you laughed at as a teenager.

4. Longform is one of the building blocks of commercial acting. Want to audition for tv commercials or at least get a sense of what that would be like?

5. Longform is the absolute best way to overcome stage fright and fear of public speaking.

6. Longform gives a voice to your experiences, opinions, and quirks and those of your community. I love performing scripts written by writers from distant times and places, and I love writing scripts to be performed in distant times and places, but there’s something very special about seeing two improvisers express the here and now in the here and now. That’s what makes longform the fastest growing, most exciting, and most successful development in contemporary theater.

7. Longform finds truthful humor in life. Before I studied longform I often heard that only certain people were funny and that funny can’t be taught. With longform everyone is funny.

Are you interested? Well, by the oddest coincidence there’s a longform improv class starting this Sunday. Join us!

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