Wish List

wish pony Big Blue Door wishes to extend a big thanks to everyone who has been part of our community this year! Students taking classes, performers in our shows, photographers taking pictures, wonderful organizations and businesses who have partnered with us, and people who have donated time and effort to run the box offices and produce the shows! You’re the tops! Because of all of you in one year we’ve been able to…

  • Teach more than a dozen classes and workshops with a total enrollment of more than a hundred students.
  • Produce more than twenty shows with a total of more than a hundred and fifty performers.
  • Start Charlottesville’s first longform improv training program, it’s first sketch writing workshops, and launch it’s first sketch show of all original work.
  • Create an amazing monthly true stories show that is now featured on WTJU’s Monday editions of Soundboard.

As we look to starting our second season we have some needs. Later this summer we’ll take more time to thank our patrons and friends from last year, plus we’ll set up an online payment system for classes, plus we’ll get our other organizational stuff in order. Meanwhile here’s some stuff we could use from you:

  • $650. Big Blue Door has never done fundraising, partly because we don’t have our 501(c)3 yet, so gifts aren’t tax-deductible, but we could use a few bucks to buy a portable sound system, a portable recorder, and sound editing software. Currently, we borrow these for each show which limits what we can do and how skilled we get with the equipment. If you’d like to donate, please, please email us at shows@bigbluedoor.org!
  • Space. We need a space to teach longform improv classes on Monday or Tuesday evenings in the fall. We’ve been teaching improv classes at Live Arts which we love doing and want to continue doing but Live Arts on weeknights needs to use their rehearsal spaces for rehearsals.
  • Storytellers. Sign up to tell a story at one of our upcoming Door Jams!
  • Students. Sign up to take a class! Can’t afford a class? See below:
  • Photographers. Please take pictures of our events. We pay when we can, or we can give you credit toward some of our classes.
  • House Managers. We also need house managers, show producers, and others to help put up our shows. We pay when we can, or we can give you credit toward some of our classes.

Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of Big Blue Door!

One thought on “Wish List

  1. Thanks Joel, I would Love to house manage or do whatever I can for you guys to trade for classes. I have a hard time bugdeting money to take classes, although I always want to, Having three kids makes it hard to spend that money on myself. However since they are all older now, I can spare more time. Let me know what I can do! Thanks, Rosemarie Harper

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