Short Slam Bios

big blue door caricatures without text copy

Thursday, July 18th, come out to the Big Blue Door Slam. Hear the real-life versions of the caricatures above (drawn by the talented David Cook!) tell true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Breaks.’

They are the top-vote-getting storytellers of our 2013 monthly Big Blue Door Jams. Now they compete for the title of Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer!

Big Blue Door Slam
Black Market Moto Saloon
Thursday, July 18th
8 pm, $5

Sean McCord is a local writer, director, producer, and sometimes actor.

Browning Porter is a graphic designer, poet, and singer.

Mickey Kampsen is professional recruiter.

Elizabeth Derby is a marketing freelancer, shameless word nerd, and habitual over-sharer.

Yousaf Sajid is a UVA grad, now serving as a student advisor and community liason for Madison House.

Anna Jones is back in school getting a nursing degree.

Emily Bolecek is a Richmond native & UVA grad currently working for Relay Foods.

Jude Silveira has been producer and performer for Wunderkammer, Shentai, CLAW, and many other groups.

Graelyn Brashear is a Cville native, and a reporter, writer and editor.

You the audience, will vote for the winner, who will receive a small hand-made wooden trophy of a door! How can you miss this? Where else in Charlottesville, where else in the world, will you see people win small hand-made wooden trophies of doors?!

For those who crave more realistic images of our Slammers, or for those who want to match the caricatures to the photographs, here are some photographs.

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