slam 2 copy Announcing the Big Blue Door Slam Slammers!

For the upcoming Big Blue Door Slam on Thursday, July 18th we bring together the 2013 Big Blue Door Jam jars of jam winners, plus the four highest-vote-getting runners-up from 2013!

For the Big Blue Door Slam the entire audience votes for the winners. However, all the storytellers will have a strict 8-minute time limit and any storyteller who is over time (we grant a 15 second leeway) will not be eligible to win.

We’ll announce the topic for the Door Slam tonight. If more than two of the original nine can’t do the show, we have four alternates.


Sean Michael McCord Sean McCord, January “Journeys”

February we did not have a Door Jam, since we were having our 2012 Door Slam, featuring 2012 Door Jam winners.

bbd web (21 of 51) Browning Porter, March “Books”

76044_10152259036339460_605180568_n Mickey Kampsen, April “Fools”

IMG_1942 Elizabeth Derby, May “Rivals”

558765_10100890538944626_422369249_n Yousaf Sajid, June “Nature”

For runners-up we treated 2013 as a single Door Jam and counted the total number of votes.

IMG_2004 Anna Jones

Emily Picture Emily Bolecek

jude silveira 3 Jude Silveira

562673_10101853376031459_1614416920_n Graelyn Brashear

Alternates (in order): Christy Baker, Kasey Soska, Jason Bennett, & Miller Murray Susen.

(To choose the order of the alternates we used the tie-breaking procedures from our regular Big Blue Door Jams.)

More than twenty storytellers received votes from our volunteer judging teams through 2013, which speaks to the incredible quality of the storytellers! Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2013 Big Blue Door Jams and all the Door Jams of Big Blue Door’s inaugural year!


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