Fall Classes

classes Here’s a quick look-see at some of the classes we’ll be teaching, either though great local arts organizations or directly through Big Blue Door:

Improv1 Improv Character & Scene returns, the basic “Level 1” improv comedy course that Live Arts sponsored last year. It’s expanding to a 8 weeks (from 7) of two-hour sessions, plus a performance showcase.

imp for imp Improv for Improvisers is a brand-new four-session course designed for short-form improvisers, especially short-form improvisers with performance experience, who want to dip into longform scene techniques.

telling true stories banner Telling True Stories is back! This is our 6-week introduction to storytelling from real life. Two-and-a-half-hour sessions culminate in a class show.

sketch3 Writing Sketch Comedy is our quick comedy workshop! It’s two three-hour sessions with one homework assignment during the week. Get a quick overview of sketch writing for stand-alone comedy skits or as scenes in movies or plays!

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