Sketch Show Thursday and Friday

Sketch Show Opening This Thursday, June 27 Big Blue Door and The Bridge Pai present the Charlottesville premiere of The Sketch Show! The entire run is two nights only, Thursday and Friday, at 8 pm at The Bridge. Tickets only that the door! $5

Ben Meguira, Emily Bolecek, Mickey Kampsen, Amy Spence, Jude Silveira, Ben “Jigsaw” Jones, Victor Schiller, and Shawn Hirabayashi present a fireworks one-hour show of fast, funny comedy sketches featuring life in Charottesville and beyond under the direction of Joel Jones. The show was entirely created from scratch in ten intensive rehearsals over seven weeks based on overheard conversations, observations, and experiences in and of Charlottesville.

Visit the Downtown Mall, the Skybar, the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival, and much much more without leaving The Bridge!

The Bridge PAI

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