June Door Jam Preview

jun marquee This Thursday, June 20th at 8 pm at Black Market Moto Saloon come to our last Big Blue Door Jam of our inaugural year to hear true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Nature!’

Hosted by Joel & Jennifer Jones, this month will feature Aaron Gilley, Liz Lowenstein, Yousaf Sajid, Andrea Rowland, Debra Weiss, Anna Jones, Jason Bennett, and Rosemarie Harper presenting true stories of wild beasts, foreign winter hikes, outdoor art, Walden-like isolation, and much, much more! Expect comedy, drama, tragedy, and just plain weirdness!

Come early and bring a friend or two, and you can be one of our teams of volunteer judges who will collectively pick one of the night’s storytellers to receive our Big Blue Door Prize, a genuine jar of Big Blue Door Jam Jam.


The jam recipient will be invited to return July 18th for our Big Blue Door Slam, in which the five winners of the 2013 Door Jams and three runners-up will compete for the title of Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer!


Anna Jones


Aaron Gilley (holding wild animal)

rosemarie harper

Rosemarie Harper


Yousaf Sajid


Andrea Rowland

Debra Weiss

Debra Weiss


Jason Bennett

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