construction Ben Meguira, Emily Bolecek, Mickey Kampsen, Amy Spence, Jude Silveira, Ben “Jigsaw” Jones, Victor Schillerman, and Shawn Hirabayashi are madly scrambling to pull together the first outlines of our upcoming sketch show, called The Sketch Show!

The Sketch Show is coming June 27 and 28 at 8 pm at The Bridge PAI. Only $5. It’s all original comic sketches pulled from life here in Cville and beyond.

One of our most successful inspirations has been to use phrases or sentences that we said or heard during the past week, improvise scenes from those lines, record the scenes, and then create a draft that sharpens and solidifies the scene. If you know any of the above people (or even if you don’t) you might be the inspiration for one of our sketches!

This is a twice-in-a-lifetime show. Only Thursday and Friday, June 27 & 28. So mark you calendar now so you won’t feeling sorry for yourself later for having missed it!


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