May Wrap

may wrap Big Blue Door is moving closer to the end of our inaugural season and an upcoming summer hiatus (late July to early September). Meanwhile, May was a huge month for us.

Our May Big Blue Door Jam at Black Market Moto Saloon featured true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Rivals.’ We had lots of rivalries from competing campers to reality show Martians to id versus superego. Elizabeth Derby took home the Door Jam jam. We’ll have one more Jam in June and a Slam in July. Then we take August off. ‘Rivals’ was produced by Jude Silveira and hosted by guest-host Tom Clay with stories by Emily Bolecek, Kasey Soska, Christy Baker, Elizabeth Derby, Miller Murray Susen, Graelyn Brashear and Diane Bitler. Jodie Plaisance managed the door. We’ll have pictures soon.

Live Arts sponsored two improv classes that joined together for a fantastic Class Showcase on May 21 on the top floor of the Live Arts building. It was a funny, smart show, and a fitting end to a wonderful inaugural improv year. Thanks to Live Arts Education Director Bree Luck, Live Arts Artistic Director Julie Hamberg, and all the amazing students who’ve signed up for Charlottesville’s first year of organized longform improv training! Improv starts again at Live Arts in September.

Big Blue Door finished our final Telling True Stories class before the summer break with a class show at Random Row Books featuring great stories by Anna Jones, Jenny Mead and Sarah Olson, and a bonus experimental improv set by Alli Villines, Jude Silveria, and Kasey Soska. Our next Telling True Stories class is in September.

May was the beginning of our first ever Sketch Show. A team of wonderful writers and improvisers (Emily Bolecek, Ben Meguira, Jude Silveira, Jigsaw Jones, Amy Spence, Mickey Kampsen, Shawn Hirabayashi, and Victor Schillerman) in collaboration with The Bridge PAI are working together to create an entire show inspired by life in Charlottesville and beyond. It goes up in late June.

The website continues to grow. We had over 800 individual ‘visitors’ with over 2800 ‘views’. We also have more visits on our facebook ‘page.’ Why not go ‘like’ us right now, if you haven’t already? Our houses for the Door Jam and the TTS Class show were great, but on a sad note, attendance at our Live Arts improv showcase was down significantly, much lower than at previous shows. We’ll make it a priority to turn that around by the next improv showcase in the fall.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of Big Blue Door over this month and over the past year! See you in June!


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