Thanks Rivals!

moto Terrific Big Blue Door Jam last Thursday night inspired by the theme of ‘Rivals’ and put together by producer Jude Silveira and guest host Tom Clay!

Thanks to Black Market Moto Saloon for lettings us bring the true stories and fun!

Newcomers Graelyn Brashear and Diane Bitler joined veterans Emily Bolecek, Kasey Soska, Christy Baker, Elizabeth Derby, and Miller Murray Susen to bring us fabulous stories of rivalries and competitions. We heard about bad hygiene at summer camp, Jekyll and Hyde personae, high school rumors, fear of heights, computer-stealing roommates, acid-fueled New York nights, and possible trips to Mars.

At the end of the night he coveted Big Blue Door Jam Jam was won by Elizabeth Derby for her tale of being the good girl until her mom read her diary.

Thanks to our fabulous volunteer judging teams of Team Escutcheans, Team Random Guests, and this month’s special guest volunteer judging team from Piedmont Council for the Arts, PCA.

Thanks as well to Seth on the sound, Jodi at the door, and our official volunteer timekeeper, Molly!

Thursday, June 20th we’ll be back at Moto Saloon for our final Big Blue Door Jam with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Nature.’ In July we’ll bring all the 2013 Door Jam favorites back for our Big Blue Door Slam. This will be our last story show before we take August off!


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