April Wrap

wrap April is almost over and it’s been a great month for Big Blue Door!

Our monthly Big Blue Door Jam returned to Black Market Moto Saloon after a March show at The Bridge. April’s Jam featured true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Fools.’ A great line-up of Annie Temnick, Jude Silveira, Rosemarie Harper, Mickey Kampsen, Kay Ferguson, Sean McCord, and Matt Kleberg shared a tremendous variety of tales, with Mickey winning the prized jar of jam. Emily Bolecek produced the show, Sean McCord (in addition to performing) recorded it, and Tom Clay worked the door. Speaking of Tom, he’ll be our first Big Blue Door guest host for May’s Jam also at Moto on May 16th. The theme is ‘Rivals.’

Live Arts sponsored two new improv classes that began in April, a Level 1 and a Level 2. Thanks to Bree Luck, the Live Arts Education Director, all of Live Arts, and all the amazing students who’ve signed up for Charlottesville’s first year of organized longform improv training!

Big Blue Door began our fifth Telling True Stories class in April as well. It’s a privilege to be back at the Park School working with students as they find and tell the stories of their incredible lives.

Speaking of true story classes, at the beginning of the month I got to teach an hour-long ‘flash seminar’ at UVA on storytelling organized by former Telling True Stories class student, Nico Gendron. The room was packed and it was a lot of fun. Thanks to Nico for the opportunity.

For Jen and I the biggest success of the month has been to see the growth in leadership of the organization. Our hope for Big Blue Door was always that performers would take on behind-the-scenes responsibilities and behind-the-scenes people would perform. So we were overjoyed for improviser, storyteller and video-producer Emily Bolecek to take on production of the April Jam. By the way one of April’s performers, Jude Silveira, will be producing the May Jam.

Jude also created new, improved email accounts for us:



The old email (bigbluedoor.stories@gmail.com) will still be active till the end of summer as we update the rest of the website and make new improvements.

Thanks to Emily, Jude, Tom, Moto Saloon, Live Arts, Sean Tubbs, WNRN, all our storytellers, students, audience members, and secret website lurkers. I hope some of you will come out to see a show or take a class!

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