Barhoppers Submission Change

bar Are you interested in submitting a short play to Barhoppers or have you already done so? In either case this message comes from Offstage Theatre president Doug Grissom:

There are a few changes to our Barhoppers Script Call. The biggest one is that we’ve extended the deadline to May 1st, so if you haven’t submitted, you still have time.

The other big change is that we’ve decided to do more of a blind reading, so even if you have already submitted, I’ll ask you to submit again, and this time just make sure your name isn’t anywhere in the script file.  Also, this time do not send the script to me, but send it directly to the designated e-mail in the script call.

Thanks, and I hope I hear from even more of you this time!


Script Call – Barhoppers

 A Co-Production of Offstage Theatre and Live Arts

Performance Dates: August 4-20, 2013 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Nights

Place: Three bars in the Charlottesville area – specific sites to be determined.

  • Not more than 15 pages, and less is better. Can even be very short, especially if a monologue.
  • Obviously, taking place in a bar, but make sure your script doesn’t call for any special tech stuff or need any specific stage configuration.  We need to be able to stage it simply, and in various bars.  Simple sound cues and be accommodated and possibly simple light cues.  It’s always great when the characters naturally leave the bar area when the play concludes.  This isn’t mandatory, but be aware that a dramatic blackout at the end won’t have the same effect it would have in a regular theatre.
  • Remember that we always have more women than men in our acting pool.
  • We want this to be a NEW play, not a previous submission.
  • Not every play should be about sex or being drunk.  Unless it’s a really good play about sex or being drunk.
  • Do NOT have your name appear anywhere on the script***
  • Send it as a PDF or Word file*** (Standard 12 point font; standard play formatting)
  • ***DEADLINE: May 1, 2013***


Tracie Steger Skipper

“Not having your name on the script” usually means a separate cover page. The script has the title only. The cover page is separate pdf with the title and your name and contact info.

If you have further questions email Tracie at the email above.




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