images Big Blue Door got mentioned in Backstage (The leading publication of professional acting.) in an article about longform improv, and I’m quoted a couple times in the piece.


The mention of Wagner sounds really pretentious and stupid but the background is (or so I’ve been told) that Del Close was experimenting with putting multiple scenes together. Since he was a Wagner fan he used the structure of the ‘Ring Cycle’ which (so I’m told) he based on his (Wagner’s) conception of Greek tragedy, which (so I’m told) was three tragedies and a satyr play on three successive nights. That became the original Harold Structure: three scenes, a group scene, three scenes, a group scenes, and three scenes and a group scene. Gradually, that got tightened to the basic Harold that we perform today.

There’s another quote about improv training for professional actors at the end that doesn’t have much to do with Charlottesville but it does bring up the point that the article doesn’t really touch on, and that’s why longform improv has become so popular.

  • Three levels of longform improv training takes considerably fewer hours than rehearsing for one community theater play, and gives you the experience and the shared skills to create an infinite number of plays from scratch.
  • It’s only a couple hours per week, perfect for busy people.
  • You’ll get to play characters who are different from you. Characters of different ages, genders, races, appearances, backgrounds, even different historical epochs.
  • Or you can just play yourself.
  • Longform improv is great for getting comfortable, getting spontaneous, and having fun.
  • Longform improv is great for writers, directors, filmmakers, salespeople, administrators, carpenters, plumbers, waitresses, bartenders, and teachers!
  • Longform improv is great for professional actors, especially in teaching you to listen, respond, and appreciate. Perfect for auditions.

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