Tell a Story at a Future Jam

Interested in telling a story at an upcoming Big Blue Door Jam? We’d love to have you!

Tomorrow night’s Big Blue Door Jam at The Bridge is already filled, but we’re still looking for Jammers for April and May!

Thurs., April 18 @ Moto Saloon  “Fools”


Thurs., May 16  @ Moto Saloon  “Rivals”


To tell a story at a Big Blue Door Jam, email us at with (1) the show you’re interested in, (2) your name and phone number, (3) a 1-3 sentence summary of your story, and (4) a 1-3 sentence bio.

If you have a high-definition photograph attach that as well. We’re trying to get publicity from the local media and having bios and photographs early helps a lot.

We recommend you check out our guidelines here and this post with some general tips on storytelling. Please, no rants, philosophical manifestos, or stand-up routines; we want true personal stories!

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