March Door Jam Line Up

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Thursday, March 21 at 8 pm, the Big Blue Door Jam revisits The Bridge PAI as part of this year’s Virginia Festival of the Book. We’ll present a great collection of Jammers, three newcomers and four veterans, telling true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Books.’

UPDATE: We have a confirmation of an eighth storyteller, Eric Cross. Welcome Eric, we’re looking forward to your story!

Come early and bring a friend to volunteer to be one of our audience teams of judges. The house opens at 7:30. Stories start at 8pm. $5 at door.

Joan Schatzman Joan Schatzman tells a tale of how a book saved her from death at sea.

christy Christy Baker shares a story of family, grief, nascent adulthood, and the drawings of a travel sketchbook.

roze Roze Csorba tells us about her mom’s library-related life of crime.

Kasey Soska. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Photo by Martyn Kyle

Kasey Soska describes the strange timing of his brush with the Book of all Books.


Photo by Marty Moore

Leo Arico reveals his most poignant book-related memory.

deedee DeeDee Stewart describes how a particular book obsessed her as a child.

Browning Porter

Photo by Marty Moore

Browning Porter may have the oldest book of anyone in the room. We’ll find out!

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