Call for Barhoppers Scripts

images Not one but two companies in Central Virginia are seeking Barhoppers scripts, scripts of short plays set in bars that will be performed in bars.

AMPERSAND ARTS over in Staunton is seeking submissions for, as they say…

We are looking for scripts, 10 minutes or less, about bars, to be performed in bars! These scripts can be comedic, tragic, edgy, silly,heart-warming, offensive, suspenseful, evocative,whatever your pen desires… though we do suggest a small cast of characters and minimal prop/scenic requirements.

Please include your contact information,
so that we can notify you if your script is
chosen and keep you informed about
upcoming opportunities and events!

Send scripts or ask questions by emailing:

Deadline for submissions is March 10, 2013 (But they will extend the deadline for students of the Sketch Comedy Writing workshop. See below.*)

OFFSTAGE THEATRE, the originator of Barhoppers, is calling for scripts as well:

Obviously, taking place in a bar, but make sure your script doesn’t call for any special tech stuff or need any specific stage configuration.  We need to be able to stage it simply, and in various bars.

Not more than 15 pages – less is better.

Remember that we always have more women than men in our acting pool.

We do want it to be a new play, not a previous submission.

Not every play should be about sex or being drunk.  Unless it’s a really good play about sex or being drunk.

Send scripts or ask questions by emailing Offstage President Doug Grissom (ldg2h):

Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2013

*If you read this before March 3 and you want to write a bar script, come to the Sketch Writing Workshop tomorrow at Park School at 2 pm. It’s a $55 workshop that will give you some great tools for tackling bar comedy or any other kind.

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