Thanks Slammers!

13073_433955053349295_1354645941_n Thanks everyone for a fantastic Big Blue Door Slam! Thursday night was a record attendance for a Big Blue Door event. We had more than one hundred people in the room to see the volunteer-judge-chosen favorites of our 2012 Big Blue Door Jams compete for the title of Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer.

Ray Nedzel led us off with the story of being an army wife who happened to be a husband, and how he almost left Charlottesville. We’re all glad he didn’t.

Browning Porter brought his razor-sharp observations of a trip with his children, the animals they encountered, and when what-might-have-been-only-soap got in his son’s eye.

Tom Clay described a beloved old character whom he did not belove, the pitch of roofs, and how an old mattress came to symbolize it all.

Jude Silveira told the tale of his disastrous final year of law school, and it’s bad ending that turned out not to be the end.

Matt Kleberg shared the story of a sudden life-threatening tornado and hailstorm in Texas while he was at a fair with a friend, his friend’s mom, and his friend’s older brother.

Miller Murray Susen finished the night with dual coming of age moments: the accident at 10 when she first tried to cross Rugby Road, and the middle of the night in her early twenties in Melbourne.

For the Slam the whole audience voted and Tom took home the trophy:


And is our first-ever official Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer, to be writ forever in the halls of fame. Matt took home the official SPCA consolation toaster! All of our fabulous storytellers received a genuine disposable packet of organic one-serving peanut butter to eat with the jam they received at our monthly Big Blue Door Jams.

Thanks for the great musical accompaniment by Clear Blue Sky (Sabra Guzman and Josh Vana)! Catch them Monday night (and amplified this time!) at Blue Moon Diner.

Thanks to Mark and Christine for house management, Seth for great sound, Susan Parmar for photography (We’ll have them up soon!), Sean for the tremendous podcasts (more about Sean and the podcasts soon), Emily for the great video and facebook presence (Go like us on facebook now!), Kortney for car parking, and you, our fantastic audience without whom our storytellers would feel silly on stage talking into a microphone!

Finally, a hearty thanks to Matteus and the folks at the Black Market Moto Saloon for having us!

Thursday, March 21 we’ll be at The Bridge as part of Festival of the Book. Our theme will be fittingly, ‘Books.’ If have a story inspired by the theme of ‘Books’ send us a 3-5 sentence summary, a 3-5 sentence bio, and your full name and phone number to!

We’ll be back at Moto Saloon for our April Door Jam on April 18th.

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