The Door Slam Rules

imagesWe’re having our first ever Big Blue Door Slam this Thursday 8 pm at Moto Saloon. The Door Slam features the favorites of the 2012 Big Blue Door Jam.

Here’s da RULES!!!

1. Winners of the 2012 Big Blue Door Jam jars of jam are invited to return to the Big Blue Door Slam. These shall be called Slammers.

2. If one of the winners is not available, the Co-directors of Big Blue Door will choose as a ‘wildcard’ the non-jam-winning Jammer who has received the largest number of ‘favorite’ votes over the course of 2012. Tie-breakers will be based on story times and total shows performed.

3. Slammers will perform in the order of the month in which they performed, i.e. September performs before October. Absences are skipped. Wildcards perform last. If there are multiple wildcards, the Co-directors will choose an order, but there aren’t this time around so this doesn’t matter.

For this Slam the order will therefore be: 1=Ray, 2=Browning, 3=Tom, 4=Jude, 5=Matt, 6=Miller.

4. Stories are limited to 10 minutes. Storytellers will receive a warning rattle or other subtle sound (to be determined) at 9 minutes. Stories that run over 10 minutes will not be eligible to win the Big Blue Door Slam trophy.

5. There will be printed ballots given to audience members as they enter.

6. After the last story, Big Blue Door staff will collect all the ballots and rapidly sort them into six piles.

7. Any ballot with multiple markings, any ballot unmarked, any ballot with written-in names, etc will be disqualified. Audience members who lose their ballots will not receive replacements.

8. Any votes for a storyteller who went over 10 minute limit will be disqualified.

9. The reasonably large piles will be counted. The Slammer who has the most votes will be given the Big Blue Door Slam trophy and awarded the title of Big Blue Door Slam Grand Slammer!

10. Rules subject to change!

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