New Associate Producer Emily Bolecek

Emily Picture A big blue open door welcome to Emily Bolecek, our new Associate Producer! Emily is a UVA grad currently working in the textile industry. She performed at the January Big Blue Door Jam, and she’s taken several of Joel’s classes.

Best of all, she’s joining Big Blue Door to help us design, promote and manage our shows and events! We’re so happy to have her aboard!

One of the first projects she’s taken on is a video to promote the upcoming Big Blue Door Slam. Below are some pictures of Emily working on the video at Moto Saloon last week with the winners of the 2012 Big Blue Door Jams (Browning Porter, Jude Silveira, Ray Nedzel, Matt Kleberg, Tom Clay, and wildcard Miller Murray Susen) plus Emily’s friend Ellen Picker helping out at the camera.





If you’re interested in getting more involved or taking on a leadership role in Big Blue Door, please come up and talk to us at a class or show!

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