January Wrap

4705.potters1 January has passed and Jen and I want to thank everyone for a great month!

After a one-week delay due to a blizzard that didn’t actually happen our Big Blue Door Jam was the second at Moto Saloon with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Journeys.’ It was another packed house with great stories, and the winning jam going to Sean McCord!

We started three new classes, a sold-out Level 1 Improv, sponsored by Live Arts, our first ever Level 2 Improv, also sponsored by Live Arts, and another Telling True Stories class.

Speaking of Live Arts, I got to participate as a playwright in Whole Theater‘s 24/7 at Live Arts. Thanks to director Natalie Dieter, and actors Daniel Prillaman, Jude Silveira, Sarah Edwards, Geri Schirmer, and Sara Shotwell for doing a bang-up job on my script, and thanks to Ray and Kristin for putting together a fun show and an incredible experience!

Speaking of Ray, I was a guest speaker at a workshop he put together for those interested in fringe festivals. I also got to be a guest on Peter Jones’ Folk and Beyond program on WTJU. Meanwhile Jen produced a show this month for WNRN’s Wake Up Call with Rick Moore. It was her first time as a solo producer.

This website had over 2100 hits and WordPress is now separating individual visitors from clicks per visitor so we should be able to get a better sense of what people actually look at on this site.

On a down note, we’re now several months behind on some of the organizational overhaul we were hoping to carry out, and I’m not confident those things will happen this month either…

Special thanks this month to Live Arts, Park School, WTJU, WNRN, our Door Jam storytellers, judges & crew, our students, audience members, families, babysitters, and you for reading this!

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