feb How can February be cold or dull with Big Blue Door pouring out the warmth and frenzy!

The biggest news is that this month we’ll be presenting our first ever Big Blue Door Slam, featuring the winners of 2012’s Big Blue Door Jams! The show will be at Moto Saloon on Thursday, Feb 21st!

We’ll also have not one but two class showcases featuring three graduating classes.

  • Live Arts will be presenting a double showcase of improv comedy on Wednesday, Feb 20th at the Live Arts space. That’s a Level 1 class and the first Live Arts Level 2! Free admission.
  • Big Blue Door presents a showcase of the most recent Telling True Stories class on Tuesday, Feb 26th at Random Row Books. Free admission.

To summarize, you can see three total shows for a total of $5…

  • Wed, Feb 20th Improv Showcase at Live Arts (free)
  • Thurs, Feb 21st Big Blue Door Slam at Moto Saloon ($5)
  • Tues, Feb 26th Telling True Stories class showcase at Random Row Books (free)

Plus Jen is also slated to produce two shows at WNRN, and I’ve got some improv for kids in the works! We’ll write posts on those as they happen.

We’re also hoping to finish some tasks that we’ve been planning for months: restructuring the website, announcing organizational expansion, putting up the podcasts, and creating our first fundraising drive!

Finally, just a heads up, in March we’re having a short sketch-writing workshop as a prelude to a sketch show in late spring/early summer…

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