Workshop for Fringe Festivals

No, not this kind of fringe...

No, not this kind of fringe…

Ray Nedzel has put together a workshop on taking shows to fringe festivals that will include Denise Stewart, Adelind Horan, and me. Its at Piedmont Council for the Arts downtown. The workshop is free but advanced registration is required. Follow the link to register.

One of the advantages of fringe festivals that I’ll talk about during my portion is getting reviews. Here are the reviews I got from the Capital Fringe and Fringe NYC.

Also anyone interested in writing or performing a show, we’ll offer another Telling True Stories class in April or May (A lot of solo shows are built off true stories), we’ll be offering another Improv class sponsored by Live Arts in April. Plus Big Blue Door is offering a Sketch Writing Workshop in early March. This workshop will teach techniques that are ideal for writing comedy sketches, but also for building on true stories, character monologues, or fleshing out improvised scenes.

Email for more info or keep checking in here at

By the way, we can’t offer discounts on improv class but if you want to help work on our upcoming shows we can offer discounts on Telling True Stories or our Writing Workshop. Email

2 thoughts on “Workshop for Fringe Festivals

  1. Is this the same workshop that was a advertised to be in City Space on the 31st? I can’t figure out a link to register but if this is that I want to register. I am interested in helping other people getting their shows to the FRINGE, currently, and perhaps next year or the year after, my own. Many thanks.

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