Improv II: Cuts, Tags, & Callbacks

This Sunday improv classes start at Live Arts for 2013. If you’ve taken Level 1, what can you do with it? One thing you can do is take Level 2!

Level2 Level 2: Cuts, Tags & Callbacks

Improv Cuts, Tags & Callbacks takes the skills from the level 1 class and explodes them into a universe of fun. Work in sync with other performers using cuts, callbacks, tags, and beats to build multiple storylines and explore characters in different times and places. You’ll also practice creating stronger, funnier characters using physicality, status, and verbal confessions as you develop richer and more playful ideas from audience suggestions. This class is the basis for musical improv, developing sketch material from improv, and performing as a regular improv team. Seven sessions plus a class show. Prerequisite: Level 1.

It’s $110. Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 starting January 13th. Sign up on line here or call Bree at Live Arts. 977-4177 ext 100.

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