Improv I: Character & Scene

Improv fb

This Sunday improv classes start at Live Arts for 2013. This is the fabulous intro class that everyone on the planet earth should take:

Improv1 Level 1: Character & Scene

Learn techniques of listening and agreement to create life-filled characters and spontaneous, hilarious scenes. Seven weeks of longform exercises, games, and a final class performance will teach you how to play fearlessly with other smart people in focused abandon; how to draw inspiration from almost anything; and how to find what’s funny and compelling in real human emotions, quirks, and experiences! Whether you’re trying to see what truly in-the-moment performance is all about, curious about how comedy works, or just looking to have fun this is one of the best classes you’ll ever take!

It’s $110. Sundays 1:30 – 3:30 starting January 13th. Sign up on line here or call Bree at Live Arts. 977-4177 ext 100.

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