jan January opens the second half-year of Big Blue Door! And it’s stuffed with more goings-on than revelers at Time Square when the New Years ball drops!

Our first Big Blue Door Jam of 2013 will be on Thursday, Jan 19th at 8 pm at Moto Saloon! We’ve already got an action-packed line-up to present stories inspired by the theme of ‘Journeys.’ Announcement soon!

We have another Telling True Stories class running on Tuesday evenings in January and February starting Jan 8th. It’s a six-session course with a class show in February that helps students build a body of story material, get comfortable talking in front of others, and polish one story to perform.

Live Arts is sponsoring a whole slew of improv classes. Another session of Level 1 (Improv Character & Scene), our first Level 2 (Cuts, Tags & Callbacks), and an introduction to improv for teens (Improv for Teens.)

Jen, in addition to her audio work with Tell Us a Tale on WTJU, is working as a producer with WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake Up Call as she begins the process of podcasting some of our Big Blue Door Jam stories.

I’ll be on WTJU this Thursday with Peter Jones’ Folk & Beyond to play some songs, chat, and promote our upcoming shows and classes. I’ll also be part of Whole Theater & Live Arts’ 24/7 series.

We’re also incredibly excited to make several other announcements once we get our classes under way: 1) Announce our first Big Blue Door Slam–with the winners of our Big Blue Door Jams; 2) Announce additions to our merry crew; 3) Announce a couple of theatrical productions in 2013!

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