Thanks Families!

Dec JamThanks all for a great show last night at Black Market Moto Saloon! We had a fantastic array of storytellers and a packed house that braved the cold, rainy night (78 total, the most at any Jam so far!) to hear stories inspired by the theme of ‘Families’!


Terri Long led us off with a story about parenting–it’s not always biological.

Sean Chandler told us of his life in and departure from the Jehovah Witnesses.

Tom Clay talked about his family life in the present and his Uncle Charlie in the past.

Cristan Keighley presented the tale of his father’s funeral in Oklahoma.

Aaron Gilley shared his reflections on a family trip to Kansas.

Matt Kleberg revealed his brief career as a cowboy.

Miller Murray Susen regaled us with her childhood attempt to learn the truth about Santa by hiding in a locked room.

It was another close competition from which Matt Kleberg emerged with the coveted Big Blue Door Jam jam jar. Congratulations, Matt!

Thanks to all our wonderful storytellers!

Also thanks to Emily Bolecek and Christine Gresser for house management, to our official volunteer audience time keepers, Dave & Rose, and to our three volunteer teams of judges, Team Hurricane Hermione, Team Wizard, and Team MiKaJi!

Also thanks to Sean Tubbs for lending the audio equipment!

Also thanks to Black Market Moto Saloon for having us–we’ll be back there for our next Big Blue Door Jam on January 17th on the theme of “Journey.”

Most of all, thanks to our fabulous audience!

See you all in January!

2 thoughts on “Thanks Families!

    • Thanks! We originally had something else but switched to “Customized Ideation and Intent.” I don’t think we paid extra for it; at least I can’t remember paying extra. We paid to not be instead of

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