Door Jam Line-Up!

marqueedec This Thursday at 8 pm at Moto Saloon on the corner of East Market and Meade, come to our December Big Blue Door Jam. Hear an amazing collection of storytellers and stories inspired by the theme of “families”!

MILLERTIME Miller Murray Susen brings tragicomic tale of her willful loss of Christmas innocence!

AG Aaron Giley recalls his family’s impromptu Kansas vacation and how it represented all he’s learned from them.

421393_10150682678205337_1749297298_n Sean Chandler describes his adventures in and out of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

-1 Terri Long discovers the difference between procreating and being a parent.

DadAtLA Cristan Keighley remembers surprising tears of laughter on the day of his father’s funeral.

DSCN0149_2 Matt Kleberg tells us of a failed cowboy in the cattle empire of Texas.

393925_299295516773385_827622167_n Tom Clay (on the left) analyzes his Uncle Charlie and his system to keep from forgiving or forgetting!

Plus the Moto Saloon serves beer, wine, liquor, and food!


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