Improv Classes at Live Arts in Jan

We’re excited to announce a whole slew of new classes started in January! Live Arts is sponsoring another Improv Comedy 1, plus they’re adding an Improv Level 2, and an improv class for teens. Also in January we’re offering another Telling True Stories class.


Live Arts is sponsoring three classes in longform improv comedy. For the adult classes you can register directly online here.  There are descriptions of the classes here, but you have to scroll about halfway down the page. The teen class has a description here (Again, sorry, you have to do a lot of scrolling.), and the sign up is here.

Live Arts Improv I: Character & Scene. This is the basic adult introductory class to improv comedy. It’s amazingly fun and a great experience for actors, writers, and humans of all kinds. It runs Sundays 1:30 – 3:30 starting January 13th at Studio Z off just Rose Hill Driver. $110. Sign up here.

imp 2 Live Arts Improv 2: Cuts, Tags & Callbacks. This takes the skills from the Level 1 class and heightens them like an improv scene! It expands scene work and character creation, and introduces all sorts of fun stuff, like second beats and tag outs. The course will run on Sundays 4-6 starting January 13th at Rehearsal A in the Live Arts building. $110. Sign up here.

teen improvLive Arts Improv Comedy for Teens. This is a fun introduction to longform improv adapted to the strengths and schedules of younger performers. Wednesdays 5:30-7 starting January 16th. $125. Sign up is here.

If you have questions about the Live Arts classes you can call Live Arts Education Director Bree Luck at 977-4177, ext. 100 or email

We also are offering directly through Big Blue Door our 6-session Telling True Stories class which is taught at Park School:


telling true stories banner

Our next 6-session Telling True Stories class runs on Tuesday evenings 7-9:30, beginning January 8th, at the Park School on Market Street. To register or for more information email us at $125.

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